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HVAC Systems

HVAC systems

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

To better understand how this system works, it is necessary to analyze the pillars that constitute it. Let's go to them:

Warm-up (A)

Heating is responsible for keeping the temperature controlled on cold days. In this system, the increase of heat in an environment can occur through heating by electromagnetic resistance, electromagnetic induction, electric arc, infrared radiation or simply by a heating boiler or heat pump.

Ventilation (V)

Ventilation, on the other hand, has the function of renewing the air in the environment and controlling the temperature, thus removing dust, heat, bacteria and odors from the place. The main ventilation methods adopted in buildings are: natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

Natural Ventilation: Nothing more than the use of natural energy (wind) to create a healthy and comfortable environment. Natural ventilation also helps ensure the thermal comfort of your project.

Mechanical Ventilation: Mechanical ventilation uses a manipulator to control the entrance, exit and quality of air in the environment. Odors and excess moisture can be controlled by this handler.

Air Conditioning (AC)

Air conditioning performs the function of ensuring cooling and humidity control in the environment, and may or may not renew the air.
Whether or not it has (depending on the range of equipment) the functionality of a dehumidifier, air conditioning with WiFi,...



This specialty is regulated by the DL. 145/2017, which requires it to be carried out by companies and technicians certified for handling equipment containing fluorinated gases, as well as maintaining specialized periodic technical maintenance.

LEFE is a certified company in the handling of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases, thus complying with the technical rules of execution and respecting the environment.

Company Certificate No. - SAC-1341/2019
Validity - 2026-04-14
Technician Certificate No. - TGF001170

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