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Why choose Biomass?

To choose a new heating system for the winter, it is strongly recommended to use biomass and, in particular, pellet equipment.
Not only for the energy savings it will provide, but also because it is a completely ecological fuel, which does not increase CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Biomass is a fuel that comes directly from nature, and the pellet, which is the most used fuel, is formed by small sawdust cylinders with a diameter of 5mm to 6mm and a length of 10mm to 25mm. The pressing is carried out at high pressure and they are usually sold in bags and are very easy to transport. They must be stored in a dry place so that they do not expand and lose properties, as humidity, as well as water, makes their combustion slower and with more smoke.

The pellet has a high calorific value, produces very little waste in the form of ash resulting from combustion, is easy to store and can be used in stoves, stoves and boilers, allowing them to work fully automatically. In addition, its combustion generates a very low level of CO2 emissions. We can say that it is a CO2 neutral fuel, because its emissions are so low that they do not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

The energy savings obtained with pellets are very significant, thanks to their low price, compared to other fuels such as diesel, propane and butane.

Pellet equipment with forced air circulation is equipped with a fan that constantly circulates the hot air produced. In this way, heat spreads quickly throughout the environment. The electronic control of the control unit regulates the power and speed of the fan according to the needs of each person. They have a fully automatic operation, with a timer and room thermostat, that is, with automation of the on and off functions. Depending on the capacity of the silo and the system, the equipment has to be loaded with pellets more or less frequently. Its shape gives comfort to the room, with a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.


How does a pellet stove work?

Pellet stoves are a closed system that is easy to control, unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces; The pellets allow a practically complete combustion of the materials, presenting only 1 to 3% of ash and residues resulting from burning; They allow you to regulate the temperature.

Biomass Equipment:

Pellet stove for central heating

Pellet stove for fireplace

Pellet stove for central heating

Wood stove for pellets

Pellet burner for stove

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